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Ana Bárbara Costa Teixeira

Ana Bárbara Costa Teixeira is a lawyer and regulatory and contractual law consultant. Currently, she holds the position of Regulatory Affairs Director for Brazil at Grupo Ocean 88. Additionally, she is a consultant for the National Association of Gaming and Lotteries (ANJL) and a founding member of the Women in Gaming Industry Association (AMIG). She holds a degree in Law from the University of São Paulo (USP), with a master’s degree in the same area, and an MBA in Strategic and Economic Project Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).

Ana Helena Pamplona, a lawyer and partner at Beck Advogados Associados, holds a Ph.D. in Law from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. She is also a graduate and master’s degree holder from PUC-RS, specializing in public law from Faculdade Meridional – IMED. Additionally, she is a member of the Fundação Escola Superior de Direito Tributário and the Instituto dos Advogados of Rio Grande do Sul. With extensive academic experience, she taught law at the Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul for over 10 years. Ana has contributed to studies and work in Sports Betting Taxes and is now one of the founders of AMIG – Women in Gaming Industry Association.

Ana Helena Hoefel Pamplona

Bárbara Teles

Bárbara Teles, specialized in government relations, serves as a regulatory lawyer and public affairs professional at Rei do Pitaco. Additionally, she is the Director of Government Relations for the Associação Brasileira de Fantasy Sports (ABFS) and also holds the position of General Secretary in two fronts: the Comissão Especial de Direito dos Jogos Esportivos, Lotéricos and Entretenimento do Conselho Federal da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (OAB Nacional) and Comissão de Direito dos Jogos da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil  – DF Section (OAB/DF). Currently, Bárbara is part of the founding group of AMIG – Women in Gaming Industry Association.

Luciana Hendrich, a journalist and lawyer with a postgraduate degree in Civil Law and Growth Marketing, is a partner at Hendrich Advogados and a founding partner of Hendrich Digital Content. She is also a graduate in Administration, with knowledge in Marketing, Press Relations, and Business Management. With a comprehensive view of the Brazilian market, she has been working as a consultant in online betting and gaming for 9 years. Luciana led the first large-scale advertising campaign at the Estádio do Maracanã (Maracanã Stadium) and OOH in Brazil with Netbet in 2017/2018. Additionally, she is the founder of AbraJogo Association and AMIG – Women in Gaming Industry Association.

Luciana Hendrich

Natalia Nogues

Natalia Nogues, graduated in Graphic Design and Web from ORT University in Montevideo and Executive MBA in Strategic and Economic Business Management from FGV, has accumulated 15 years of experience in Online Gaming in LATAM, with a focus on Brazil. A specialist in the Brazilian betting market, she has collaborated with operators such as Betmotion, PlayBonds, and Betcris. Today, she is a partner and executive director of Control F5, a solutions hub for companies looking to start and/or grow in the gaming industry in Brazil, and one of the founders of AMIG – Women in Gaming Industry Association.

Teresa Caeiro has 9 years of experience in the Online Gaming Industry. She graduated in Organizational Communication from the Escola Superior de Educação of Coimbra. She dedicated 7 years to the operationalization of the online gaming and sports betting market, with a focus on customer service as an essential foundation. In 2021, she assumed the position of Coordinator of International Development, directing her efforts towards government relations and partnership management in Portugal and Brazil. As an advocate for gender equality, she is proud to be part of the founding group of AMIG – Women in Gaming Industry Association, contributing to expanding opportunities for competent women in the industry.

Teresa Caeiro

Control F5

Hub de soluções para o mercado de gaming no Brasil, oferecendo 10 serviços: Marketing, Atendimento ao Cliente, Afiliados, Desenvolvimento e Tecnologia, Recrutamento e Seleção, Treinamentos especializados, Compliance, Assessoria Jurídica e Contábil, Hub de serviços em geral para o mercado de gaming no Brasil e Consultoria.

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Control F5

Hub de soluciones para el mercado de gaming en Brasil, ofreciendo 10 servicios: Marketing, Servicio al Cliente, Afiliados, Desarrollo y Tecnología, Selección y Reclutamiento, Capacitación Especializada, Cumplimiento, Asesoría Legal y Contable, Hub de servicios generales para el mercado de gaming en Brasil y Consultoría.

Control F5

Hub of solutions for the gaming market in Brazil, offering 10 services: Marketing, Customer Service, Affiliates, Development and Technology, Recruitment and Selection, Specialized Training, Compliance, Legal and Accounting Advisory, General service hub for the gaming market in Brazil and Consulting.

Clever Advertising

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Clever Advertising

Agencia global de rendimiento premium en la industria del igaming

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