Women in Gaming

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AMIG offers a valuable opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion. By supporting this organization, companies can position themselves as progressive leaders in the industry, promoting a more egalitarian and welcoming work environment. Additionally, by investing in the development and empowerment of women in the gaming industry, companies are contributing to the creation of a more innovative and competitive sector. Supporting the Women in Gaming Industry Association not only brings benefits to companies in terms of reputation and image but also strengthens the community and drives growth and sustainability across the industry as a whole.

The companies that support AMIG can enjoy the following benefits:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):*

Companies can fulfill their corporate social responsibility by supporting social causes related to gender equality. Supporting AMIG can be part of a broader CSR strategy.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Companies that recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion can support the association as part of their efforts to create more equitable and diverse workplaces.

Community Strengthening:

Supporting AMIG can contribute to community strengthening, promoting economic, educational, and social empowerment of women. This, in turn, can have positive impacts on the communities where the company operates.

Brand Reputation:

Engagement in social causes, such as supporting AMIG, can enhance brand reputation, showing that the company cares about issues beyond profit and is committed to social values.

Access to Talent:

Companies that support the association can attract and retain diverse talent, as it demonstrates a commitment to equal opportunities and an inclusive environment.

Alignment with Consumer Values:

In an environment of increasingly conscious consumers, companies can seek to align their business practices with gender equality values, gaining preference from consumers who prioritize supporting socially responsible companies.

AMIG Badges

The AMIG badges, which recognizes support for women in the gaming industry, is a valuable opportunity for companies to showcase their commitment to gender equality, promoting the advancement of women in the industry.

With 3 levels (Gold – Queen, Silver – Lady, and Bronze – Player), companies can progress over time, meeting the essential requirements for each badge.

To earn the Queen, Lady, or Player badges, companies must:

Become a supporter of AMIG

Actively promote gender diversity

Implement equal pay policies

Offer equitable growth opportunities

Create harassment and discrimination-free work environments

Promote diversity and inclusion at all hierarchical levels

Implement professional training programs for women

These badges not only reinforce the reputation of companies but also drive the construction of a more inclusive and progressive sector.

Discover the 3 categories of badges

Gold - Queen

Silver - Lady

Bronze - Player

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