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Founded on February 15, 2024

AMIG was born from the vision and courage of six women, Ana Bárbara Costa Teixeira, Ana Helena Pamplona, Bárbara Teles, Luciana Hendrich, Natalia Nogues, and Teresa Caeiro, who “bet high” for a change in equity in the Gaming scene. Aware of the challenges faced in a predominantly male environment, where women are often underestimated or discriminated against, they saw the opportunity to gather and boost a team of female talent. After all, the best plays come from those who dare to defy the odds, right?

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Gaming is a growing segment that generates billions every year, yet it is still a sector historically associated with gender stereotypes and imbalances in its representation. In response to this disparity, the Women in Gaming Industry Association (AMIG) –  was born an initiative aimed at combating this aspect of inequality in an ever-evolving field.


Our objectives are multifaceted and strategically aligned with the mission of fostering an inclusive and equal space in the gaming industry. We seek not only to increase the visibility of women already working in this market but also to value, support, and provide support and resources to empower and develop new female talents in the gaming and online betting universe. 

In this way, AMIG positions itself as a driving force in promoting diversity and expanding opportunities for women in all areas of the sector, actively contributing to the industry’s advancement.


We believe that by providing a platform for networking, mentoring, and continuing education, we can catalyze significant changes in the gaming market, creating an inclusive and empowering environment where talent and competence are recognized regardless of gender.

We invite all those interested in supporting our cause to join us on this journey of transformation and progress, which aims to challenge the odds of the game. At AMIG, we value diversity of perspectives and are committed to building a future where women in gaming not only thrive but also lead and inspire the next generation of industry professionals.

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AMIG offers significant benefits for women in a predominantly male sector. In addition to promoting inclusion and diversity, the association provides networking, mentoring, and career opportunities for ambitious women in the gaming industry.

By creating a welcoming and supportive environment, women can share experiences, knowledge, and achievements, strengthening their presence and influence in the games area. The benefits of this association not only empower women but also contribute to the evolution and sustainable growth of a more inclusive and diverse sector.

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The mentorship program offers support, guidance, and inspiration to promote gender equality and professional growth. The goal is to empower women to face challenges, develop skills, and expand their network of contacts. By sharing experiences and knowledge, mentors strengthen these women's confidence and empowerment by creating an inclusive and collaborative environment.


Gaming events need to have more women participating in industry panels and lectures. Our goal is to encourage more women to participate in these meetings and promote moments of internal debates among members and supporters, which also serve as a safe space to share experiences and challenges faced by industry professionals.


AMIG offers a valuable space for building relationships and exchanging knowledge among its members. Networking in this context allows women to share experiences, support each other, and open doors to career and business opportunities.


AMIG aims to constantly seek new formats to establish connections and assist in the professional development of women in the sector. Among the members and formed committees, they will be responsible for bringing creative ideas to promote women in the industry.

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